Nothing Like Some San Fran Dim Sum

dimsumIt is interesting that many people across the county never hear of dim sum until they visit or move to the San Francisco area. While many areas don’t even have one restaurant that offers dim sum options, San Francisco has a long list of them! It hardly seems fair, right? Below are some of the top recommended picks by the locals who have eaten enough to know what’s good and what’s not!

  • Hakkasan – Although Hakkasan does not have several hundred Yelp reviews like some other dim sum restaurants, it does have the higest average rating. This is an upscale restaurant, so expect to spend some money and it is a good idea to make reservations too. Top recommended main dishes are the Wagyu Beef on Five Spice Sauce and the Black Truffle Roasted Duck. The wine menu is quite impressive as well.
  • Good Mong Kok Bakery – It is amazing that food this delicious can be this cheap! If you are on a budget, this is where you want to eat. Their shrimp dumplings are probably the best in the city and their rice noodle rolls manage to always have a consistently perfect texture, which are often hit or miss at other restaurants.
  • Clement Restaurant – Don’t let the questionable exterior and interior of the building scare you away, Clement Restaurant manages to get impressive reviews. There are literally customers that have continued to eat here for decades, so getting a good meal here is not a fluke thing; it can be expected.
  • Wing Lee Bakery – If you don’t mind a very dreary dining area with shared tables then you will enjoy a meal here on next to nothing. The bean curd wrapped around noodles, baby corn and mushrooms is phenomenal and the sesame balls are an absolute must-try.
  • Delicious Dim sum – The har gow is their most popular dish and the siu mai is actually tastier than what you will find at some more expensive restaurants. This is not a place where you want to plan on dining in; there is pretty much only one big table. Grab your dim sum as takeout and enjoy it somewhere else.
  • Hong Kong Lounge – This is by far the most popular dim sum restaurant in San Francisco. Be warned; their lines get crazy long by about 10:30 am. You can expect to wait an hour for a table, but their food is made to order and is well worth the wait. Many establishments serve their dim sum in carts, but here you actually circle what you want on a menu and it is brought to you piping hot from the kitchen.
  • Good Luck Dim Sum – Don’t be deterred by the line when you walk up; most people eat and run or take their food to go, so the lines move pretty fast. Don’t expect anything to be really hot though unless it was just brought from the kitchen, as most of the food is about lukewarm. That being said, their food is full of flavor. A few recommendations include the taro cakes, lotus wraps, pork buns, potstickers, shrimp dumplings and sesame balls.

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