Fremont, California Weather

With mild temperatures year-round, Fremont, California, is paradise to anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Even the warmest month of the year, which is August, rarely sees temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a city that is cooled by the breeze coming off the San Francisco Bay so despite the fact that many people think of California as offering a warmer climate, you will be surprised at just how perfectly pleasant it really is.


While the national average snow accumulation in the United States is 25 inches, Fremont’s average is zero. Temperatures begin to cool in November, but remain warm enough for a sweatshirt or light jacket in the evening. December and January are the two coldest months, still averaging 58 degrees Fahrenheit for a high and 42 degrees Fahrenheit for a low. In 1962, temperatures did reach 74 degrees Fahrenheit though and in 1950, they dipped to 22 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, they remain fairly consistent now.

If you are hoping to see snow, you won’t find it in Fremont, California, unless you are standing on Mission Peak. This peak falls just east of the city inside the Mission Peak Regional Preserve. It is the site of a massive landslide and it sees a tremendous amount of snowfall once or twice per decade. The last time accumulation was visible on the hiking section was March 2006, and it only lasted for three days.

It should also be noted that winter is considered the wet season here. Of the small average of 14.85 inches of precipitation that Fremont sees annually, over half falls December through February.


March arrives with an average of 2.39 inches of rain. While this may not be much, it is just enough to bring all the flowers to life. March through May sees temperatures warming to an average of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, but you will still need long sleeves at night as it can get chilly at around 47 degrees Fahrenheit. By the time May comes along, the flowers are blooming, everything is green and the sun shines nearly every day. In fact, you may only see rain a couple brief times all month.


Summer in Fremont is about as picture-perfect as you could ask for. The sun shines nearly every day and temperatures stay warm and comfortable at an average 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You will rarely have to be concerned with rain invading a round of golf either because you can go weeks without seeing any precipitation drop from the sky.

Whether you live here are visiting, plan on wearing sunscreen because you’ll feel the warmth from the sun all day. Fremont is not without its occasional hot day from time-to-time either. In 1961, it reached a whopping 107 degrees Fahrenheit!


Who doesn’t love fall in California? When summer comes to an end, everyone is ready to pull out their favorite hoodies. September stays just as warm as the rest of summer while October and November slowly cool off. Expect to enjoy an average of 64 degrees Fahrenheit in November during the day, which is still perfect for outside activities.

The great thing about Fremont, California is tornado activity is virtually nonexistent. It seems that tornados seem to be doing more damage now than ever before across America, so it is nice to know that they seem to just pass on by this city. In fact, the last tornado to hit Fremont was in 1998 and it was only an F2, doing very little damage. If unpredictable twisters give you a scare, you will find peace-of-mind here.

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