California School for the Deaf in Fremont

Children from all over the northern part of California come to Fremont, California to attend a one-of-a-kind school. The California School for the Deaf empowers students of all ages to have a positive deaf identity so that they can possess leadership, productivity, discipline and confidence, all in an effort to level life’s playing field.  It is a special school with an abundance of services, academic programs, athletics, events and more.

Up until the late 1970s, Berkeley was the location of the original School for the Deaf. When the University of California petitioned to have it condemned as unsafe, the school was forced to move. The land for the new school was purchased in Fremont by the State Department of Education, which deemed the city the perfect fit for such a special academic institution. The school opened its doors in 1980.

The school firmly believes that deaf students learn best through involvement and partnerships. They have the right to not only understand, but also be understood through effective communication strategies. The California School for the Deaf embraces diversity, and offers an abundance of extracurricular activities, which are crucial to personal development.

School Programs
What makes this school in Fremont, California so special is the vast array of programs that it offers for students of all ages.

  • Early Childhood Education – Early development and American Sign Language are focused on in this early stage.
  • Elementary Education – Mathematics, language arts, visual and performing arts, science and history-social studies are covered.
  • Middle School – A core curriculum prepares children for their high school education.
  • High School – Students are expected to meet state graduate requirements. In addition to the standard curriculum, character development and physical education are also offered.
  • Special Needs – Small classes help students in grades 1 through 12 that have special learning needs. They are given more one-on-one attention.
  • Career/Technical Education – Job preparation and training in a variety of fields are offered.
  • Career Center/Transition Services – Continued education, job seeking skills and even employment opportunities are provided.
  • Work Readiness Program – Evening classes are combined with work-related experience during the day. Local community colleges are in collaboration, and the program is available for individuals 18 through 21 years old.

An extensive athletic program is available at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont. Teams participate in an array of leagues and conferences to learn teamwork, dedication and lessons of sportsmanship. Softball is an incredibly popular sport here, but then basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling and cheerleading teams do quite well against competing schools as well! There is certainly a team here for everyone!

Since two-thirds of the students live too far to commute to Fremont, California, the school provides living space. Each department features their own activity center where students can gather with others their same age and at their same education level. They have access to computers, televisions, games and a multitude of scheduled events. Cottages also have a designated study time in the evening, and each resident has chores that they must do to maintain their room and cottage, which are all valuable life lessons.

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